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I bought a camera to impress this girl....

We were engaged. Two young kats, just waiting and waiting for our lives to be together. We were already quite inseparable at the time. We met at work. We were bound to get a nice separation pay from that credit analyst job. I was able to find the next great thing, another bank job. While my beloved stayed on with the sinking ship. This photo was taken - a bit before our engagement photoshoot, by a company called iRomance. (sadly, i think they are out of business). They spent the best hours of the day - getting Miss Jenny ready. And about 20 seconds - putting some left over powder makeup for me. They said i have too much glow.

About 4 years, before this very moment - I bought a camera at Adolf Gasser (San Francisco, sadly, they also are out of business). I got it - so i can properly express my thoughts and my words, to this ravishingly beautiful woman. Never would i have ever imagine, that the lady + the camera = will be a huge part of my life.

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