we are finia photography

WOOHOO! Thank you for making it this far, into our website.

We are a husband and wife media team, based in Vallejo, California.

We started taking photos of paintball photography in the late 2019. Since then, we have travelled around California paintball events (Oregon too) doing that paintball media life. We have two awesome future-assistant-photographers, Sienna and Autumn! Our beloved daughters! Whom we are secretly training to be world class photographers - aaah someday! And recently, we have made the transition and addition of Wedding + Portraiture into our photojournalistic journey! We humbly serve the Greater Bay Area and will happily travel.

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hi, i am Rufino ong

Long time photographer, had a camera since i was a kid... creative, romantic, sensitive... well, you know the type. That's me! I am the full-time creative mastermind for Finia Photography and Rufino Ong Studios, I like to make posts about food and travels, and sometimes, I update my YouTube channel.

Favorite food: Nigiri Sushi. Korean All you can eat BBQ (but i immediately, instantly regret it), I also enjoy eating Bag o crabs.

Favorite activity: Traveling with me family and having them try new and weird foods! On my day(s) off, I enjoy running around dungeons in Diablo4 looking for healing potions or blasting away zombies in Resident evil games.

Before returning back to wedding and portraiture 8/8/23, we were pretty busy with paintball media work. If you'd like to see some of that work (click here)

bay area wedding photographers, engagement photography, san francisco

AND THIS IS miss jenny ong

Our administrative boss. She's in charge of scheduling and everything in between.

She loves to travel for events and loves looking for new foods to try.

Her journalistic style, fly on the wall technique of photography, got her the job as our trusted shooter in our studios - that and her easy going aura.

Her favorite food is Bag o Crabs, C3 Shrimp and Snow Crab legs

(only if i crack it for her). Favorite activity: Watching Youtube cooking videos + and then replicating them at home!

bay area wedding photographers, engagement photography, san francisco, finia photography

if i could, i would have taken photos of my own wedding. she was having none of that.

A really old foto of me. you'll never guess the year.